9 NEW FLAVOURS (Autumn 2023)

Michael Yan
We are super excited to present our newest additions to our best selling line JūST:
JūST Cherry and JūST Chilled Cherry
Veritas has also been blessed with two new must-try flavours: 
Lazerberry and Tropical Funk Storm
Our best up-and-coming line of lemonade flavours also received some much needed friends: 
Hawaiian, Berry Lemon, and Blue Razz Lemon
The Ratio is where you’ll find absolutely banger flavours that have found success across Canada. We are thrilled to present: 
Pink Pineapple and Mango Pineapple
JūST | Cherry (Just... Cherry)
JūST Chilled | Cherry (JūST Cherry... But chilled)
Veritas | Lazerberry (Cherry + Blueberry, with just a hint of Rhubarb)
Veritas | Tropical Funk Storm (Tropical Fruit Punch with an emphasis on Peach and a hint of Cactus)
Main Squeeze | Hawaiian (Hawaiian Punch + Lemonade)
Main Squeeze | Berry Lemon (Blueberry & Raspberry Lemonade)
Main Squeeze | Blue Razz Lemon (Blue Raspberry Lemonade)
The Ratio | Pink Pineapple (Tropical Flavoured Candies)
The Ratio | Mango Pineapple (Mango Pineapple)